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If you liked last week’s Translation Thursday blog about Georgian poetry in translation, you’ll be excited to know that we have more suggestions for you!

Translations of poems by Diana Anphimiadi and Salome Benidze, whose work was included in our previous blog’s #1 suggestion, the bilingual anthology A House With No Doors (Francis Boutle Publishers, 2016), have also been published by the Poetry Translation Centre in two of their translated poetry chapbooks.


Beginning to Speak (poems by Diana Anphimiadi, PTC, 2018) presents the work of a prize-winning author, who is also a publicist, a linguist and a teacher. Anphimiadi’s prizes include the prestigious Georgian annual literary award Saba in 2009. The poems in this short collection, which prove her great talent, are translated into English by leading Georgian translator Natalia Bukia-Peters and British poet Jean Sprackland. 

I Wanted to Ask You (poems by Salome Benidze, PTC, 2018) introduces the work of a young but already well-established Georgian poet, blogger and translator, who also received the Saba award in 2012, as well as many other nominations. These poems, translated by Bukia-Peters and British poet Helen Mort, deal with themes of love, longing, regret and trauma. 

To conclude with more food for thought, read what Diana Anphimiadi says about the experience of being a translated poet here on the Poetry Translation Centre’s website!


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