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The summer is drawing to a close but fear not the PBS Autumn Bulletin is winging it’s way to PBS Members this week! Packed full of poems by Daljit Nagra, Jen Campbell, Mary Jean Chan, Dane Holt, Terrance Hayes, Mary Oliver, Jaqueline Saphra, Lutz Seiler and many more. If you've missed the mailing list, don't worry new members receive a free copy of this Bulletin in their welcome pack.

The cover artwork is called The Poetry of Resistance by Ranjeeta Kumari (Instagram @ranjeeta.riverand was spotted at MAP Museum of Art and Photography in Bangalore on a British Council Publishing Fellowship trip to India  Ranjeeta’s art series fits so stunningly with Daljit Nagra’s innovative new collection Indiom which bursts out of the constraints of “englisch langwidge” in its own brilliantly bonkers language of resistance.
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