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Windrush child

Behind you
Windrush child
palm trees wave goodbye

above you
Windrush child
seabirds asking why

around you
Windrush child
blue water rolling by

beside you
Windrush child
your Windrush mum and dad

think of storytime yard
and mango mornings

and new beginnings
doors closing and opening

will things turn out right?
At least the ship will arrive
in midsummer light

and you Windrush child
think of Grandmother
telling you don't forget to write

and with one last hug
walk good walk good
and the sea's wheel carries on spinning

and from that place England
you tell her in a letter
of your Windrush adventure

stepping in a big ship
not knowing how long the journey
or that you're stepping into history

bringing your Caribbean eye
to another horizon
Grandmother's words your shining beacon

learning how to fly
the kite of your dreams
in an English sky

Windrush child
walking good walking good
in a mind-opening
meeting of snow and sun

From Under the Moon & Over the Sea by John Agard. 

Today marks 72 years since the arrival of The Empire Windrush carrying around 500 migrants from the Caribbean to help re-build post war Britain. John Agard's poem was written as part of a BBC residency to commemorate the Windrush generation and their legacy.

John Agard's latest collection The Coming of the Little Green Men was a PBS Special Commendation in Winter 2019 and is available to order here with your 25% PBS Member discount.

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