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Posted on June 17 2020

This week #pbsonlinebookclub featured Bhanu Kapil's extraordinary PBS Summer Choice, How To Wash a Heart. Despite a few technical hiccups, during which Patricia almost whipped out her unicycle party trick, Andrew McMillan and Bhanu Kapil discussed just how timely this collection really is, exploring everything from the host-guest complex to "the limits of welcome", migration and mental health, anti-racist welcomes and the inherent racism of institutional spaces, the balance of visibility and surveillance, performance, art and love. Join the discussions via the hashtag #pbsonlinebookclub.

Bhanu Kapil is the author of five books of poetry/prose: The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers (Kelsey Street Press, 2001), Incubation: a space for monsters (Leon Works, 2006), humanimal [a project for future children] (Kelsey Street Press, 2009), Schizophrene (Nightboat, 2011), and Ban en Banlieue (Nightboat, 2015). Kapil has performed internationally, most recently as part of the Serpentine’s Back To Earth curation. She has recently returned to the UK after many years in the United States, where she taught at Naropa University and Goddard College.

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