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PBS Advent Calendar: Day 2 - Cain by Luke Kennard (Limited Hardback Edition)


For the second day of advent, we have 10 copies of Cain by Luke Kennard up for grabs at 40% off, for the first intrepid customers who purchase it here. Simply enter the promotional discount code XMAS2 at check-out to claim your 40% off.

Tricksy, acerbic and laugh-out-loud funny, Cain is the dazzling new collection from Next Generation Poet Luke Kennard. In a series of animated conversations, Cain provides therapy sessions for the author, covering everything from interfaith dialogue and genealogy to zombies. Cain's central sequence of 31 anagram poems re-energises Genesis 4:9-12, demonstrating the mastery of form and trademark surreal humour that has made Kennard one of British poetry’s brightest lights.

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