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Due to staff annual leave we are down one pair of hands until 29th July. Thank you for your patience!


We're delighted to share this extract from Bhanu Kapil's incredible commentary on the PBS Summer Choice How to Wash A Heart from our Summer Bulletin.

"The entire book arrived all at once one day, as if it was being dictated by a very clear voice. It was distracting to be doing domestic things, or work outside of my home, when all I wanted to do was to get down what this voice was saying. Sometimes it was the voice of a guest and sometimes it was the voice of a host. After writing most of the first draft, I moved to the UK after twenty-one (or twenty-nine) years in the US. In Cambridge, I evolved a closing essay, Notes on the Title, trying to think about the performance at the ICA that inspired the title of this collection. It is unlikely I will ever write a book of poetry again. How did you feel when you read the last line of the book? Have you ever been welcomed into a space only to experience, once you’ve entered it, the aversion of its occupants? I was thinking about a country but I was also thinking about a university. Family memories of orchards and war mixed together, in what I wrote, with the Colorado morning, and the strange English night (which seemed to slam down, like a lid, at 3pm every afternoon.)"

PBS Members can the full interview with Bhanu Kapil in the Summer Bulletin or order How to Wash a Heart here with 25% off. Join today for a year of poetry parcels, including a free copy of the Summer Bulletin and a £10 book voucher.


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