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Posted on December 11 2019

Time for another Christmas offer! To tie with today's festive feature on the occult lyricism of the 2020 Ignota Diary we're sharing the love with a huge 30% off States of the Body Produced by Love by Nisha Ramayya, published by Ignota Books. 

Love is a many-headed snake in Nisha Ramayya’s debut book, twisting its way through devotion, sacrifice and bliss. States of the Body Produced by Love conjures an opalescent world by way of heritage, ritual and myth across genres and forms, mixing poetry, prose, autobiography and theory. Thousand-petalled lotuses bloom inside skulls, goddesses with dirty feet charm honeybees, strains of jazz standards bleed into anti-national anthems. 

Ramayya's writing meditates on diasporic identity, roams genealogies of language and resistance and roots itself between ancient Sanskrit texts and contemporary feminist prose poems. Seeking a way home across Britain, India and the infinite expanse, Ramayya discovers that homecoming – the impossible return – is a process of make-believe and magical thinking.

Order here and use the code LOVE to claim your discount. 

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