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Our Winter Choice, Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa offers a sneak preview into the story behind her innovative debut Cane, Corn & Gully which combines dance notation and poetry:

"I danced on the same plantations, gullies and markets where many of the narratives took place to ensure my records were sincere, and with the Barbados Museum and Historical Society I was able to excavate movement with greater understanding. And, during my research I invented a new method to archive Black diasporic dance in a way which encapsulates the non-linear cadence of our dance history, which is constantly evolving. As a neurodiverse writer my work has allowed me to explore poetics in a way which enables me to experience freedom. I see poetry form as choreography, and I am fascinated by decolonising the page and expanding the notion of ‘Blackness’."

Join the Poetry Book Society by 15th November for your copy of Cane, Corn & Gully in our Winter Mailing.

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