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Posted on August 21 2020

"This collection, unlike my others, is not subdivided into sections seeking to accommodate Brooklyn and Port of Spain, as if acknowledging the thousands of miles, snowdrifts versus heat, Carnival among tall buildings and steelbands begging a lodging, as one poem says. I think, like the tailors of Belmont, the verses have finally stitched the countries together, moving between territories, contiguous, each taking up where the other left off."
- Mervyn Taylor, PBS Bulletin

In Country of Warm Snow, the author seeks to represent the duality of a life lived in two places at once. It is the life of an immigrant who has been in the US for fifty-odd years, whose heart, when he's in one place, yearns for the other. To combat the geographical dislocation, there arises the invention of an impossible land, a country of the imagination, a snow that is beautiful, and warm. "I don't believe I'll read any work this year with more memorable characters than those in Country of Warm Snow. The streets of Brooklyn, Flatbush, and environs, are alive with felt life, because Mervyn Taylor knows how to see and what to hear. This is poetry of the people, and this writer shows he can really tell stories. The book's social issues rock with swag and style - tender and tough - creating a new mythology for America with stories in poetry's best voice.

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