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Following hot on the heels of her Forward Prize for Best Single Poem, we're delighted to announce that Liz Berry's The Republic of Motherhood has been chosen as the PBS Winter Pamphlet Choice. 

The PBS Pamphlet Choice is selected by our expert panel of judges, the poets A. B. Jackson and Degna Stone, every quarter. PBS members can read the Selector's full commentary and exclusive poems from the winning pamphlet in our Winter Bulletin in November.

This  beautifully produced Chatto pamphlet is a bold and resonant gathering of poems, in which Liz Berry turns her distinctive voice to the transformative experience of new motherhood. Her poems sing the body electric, from the joy and anguish of becoming a mother, through its darkest hours to its brightest days. With honesty and unabashed beauty, they bear witness to that most tender of times – when a new life arrives, and everything changes.

PBS Members can read a full review from our Pamphlet Selectors in the Winter Bulletin in mid November and pick up their copy here.


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