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Sleep, petal, and the morning
will be sweeter and the sleeper
you are will be lighter, slightly
better at dying each night, cut
and drying but in so doing
doubling yourself, a beautiful
repeater who learns slowly
to turn herself back into air...

from 'Sweet Woodruff', Indifferent Cresses, Holly Corfield Carr



We are very pleased to be able to offer a special 30% discount on Holly's beautiful pamphlet Indifferent Cresses. This book, featuring a gorgeous purple-and gold cover, flower-pressing illustrations, and pockets in which to press your own botanical findings, is the perfect gift for the lover of nature poetry.

This limited-edition pamphlet by Holly Corfield Carr was produced by the National Trust, tying in with the poet's work at Tyntesfield. Written in the woods in the weeks leading up to Midsummer’s Day, Holly Corfield Carr’s book of pressings, poems and pockets takes its title from Hannah More’s complaint that women’s writing has long been dismissed as unwitting, the product of overnight accident or someone else’s good gardening and garnering as much praise as a salad. This is a book of undergrowth, in all senses. Commissioned in partnership with Trust New Art as part of the National Trust’s Women and Power programme, this bright and strange herbarium of various ‘cresses’ - from the Hairy Bittercress to the haunting scream of the Wood Ear - records all the brilliance and violence of spring, inviting the reader to add to the compost and make the book their own.


To purchase this title at 30% off, buy it here and use the code SONNET12 duiring check-out.

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