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You Soak Me, City


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Krystalli Glyniadakis’s verse carries the reader along coastlines – from France to England to Greece and its islands, on journeys that intersperse collective pasts with intimate moments in the present. Women together under the summer sun, in afternoon bars, on hills above ancient cities, amongst cultural landmarks, making love, laughing hand in hand through beach town alleyways, defying the past – Krystalli’s narrator observes, captures, and becomes them. Her poetry is driven by narrative and a desire to capture the multitudes contained within each of our life stories: shifting, backtracking, learning, unlearning, letting go, giving in, changing. Space and time mould into eternal moments between the narrator and her lover. Encompassed by the world, the feminine body projects its sexuality upon it, being one with its rivers, mountains, seas, in scenes of seamless eroticism. You Soak Me, City perfectly captures the need for space, for wider contexts of expression and frames of reference – a new and vital approach to lesbian identity in Greece.

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