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The Haiku Hundred represents the outcome of the largest haiku event ever staged in the UK. IRON Press, in collaboration with the British Haiku Society, received more than 5,500 submissions when we invited work for this small anthology.

The short verses came winging in from throughout the globe, emphasising the relevance and vitality to which haiku can now lay claim in the English speaking world.

This historic little book was published initially in 1992 and ran to six prints. It sold more than 10,000 copies making it the biggest selling book of English language haiku in the UK. It has been out of print for many years but is now published in a new format with every one of the 100 haiku intact.

IRON Press is delighted to bring this book back into circulation. Much has developed as regards western haiku and its ancillary forms since 1992 and this is reflected in the wide diversity of titles now available throughout the UK, not only of haiku, but linked forms such as senryu, haibun and tanka. Most of these developments have taken place since the book was originally published which gives it an historical as well as literary relevance.

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