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The Dry Bones by Paul Chambers


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The Dry Bones

“These haiku are not just haiku, they are poems that exhibit openings to higher consciousness. The haiku of Paul Chambers is both a haiku of self-awareness but it is also a poetry of cosmic awareness, exemplifying one’s own mortality as well as one’s own sense of eternity in the present moment. However, Paul Chambers can also be described as a modern-day Issa too, when his vision so exquisitely portrays the suchness in seeing things just as they are, and releasing his readers on a journey of quiet magnificence.”
Wally Swist

“For anyone who thinks the world of haiku is one of the wistful whispers, this collection is the antidote. Each of Paul Chambers’ haiku is a breath of cold wind cutting across high moorland, bringing us acutely to our senses. Read together, they create a landscape alive with nonhuman presences, a sense of deep time coded in their vivid moments.”
Philip Gross

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