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Sunday's Child by Rebecca Bilkau


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In this powerful sequence of poems, Rebecca Bilkau writes from first hand experience of illegitimacy, its effects on both parent and child and the complex ways it has featured in her and her mother’s life. The social stigma of the age she was born into may give rise to a healthy disdain but, above all, these are poems of reconciliation and celebration, ‘the wanted unwanted child’ affirming survival and fulfilment.

Rebecca Bilkau’s previous collections are Weather Notes (Oversteps Books), Choosing New Omens (Wayleave), Instructions for a Quiet Life (Oversteps). She is co-founder and managing editor of Beautiful Dragons Poetry Collaborations. Her cycle of poems The Blessed Round formed the libretto for a cantata of the same name composed by Helen Roe. Rebecca divides her time between Lower Saxony and Cumbria.

“The pamphlet startled me with its imagery, its honesty and raw emotions. I felt for both the single mothers, and for the child who imagines her dad as ‘a spectacular spy, a tsar on the run’.”  Sue Wallace-Shaddad, Sphinx.

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