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Oedipa by Amy McCauley


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Oedipa is Amy McCauley’s debut, designed and illustrated by Emily Juniper.

Oedipa is a poetic drama for an all-female cast which re-imagines aspects of the Oedipus myth. The book explores ambivalent female sexualities, women’s experiences of breakdown, and the claustrophobic, ‘incestuous’ relationships which sometimes exist between mothers and daughters.

The adolescent protagonist Oedipa must confront those who wield power over her. The Fates, Jokasta, and Doktor Spynx all seek to control and manipulate Oedipa, who must also survive the stifling environs of a run-down seaside town. The playful vocal performances on the ‘page-as-stage’ are fully activated by Emily Juniper’s illustrations.

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