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Home is Where & Other Poems by Cynthia Fuller


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Cynthia Fuller has lived in the North East since 1980.She published five poetry collections with Flambard Press between 1992 and 2009. Jack’s Letters Home (Flambard Press, 2006) was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Red Squirrel Press published her latest collection, Estuary, in 2015. She was a poetry editor for Writing Women, and has co-edited several anthologies, including The Poetry Cure with Julia Darling (Bloodaxe, 2005) and North by North-East with Andy Croft (Iron Press, 2006). She worked as a creative writing tutor in Higher and Adult Education, most recently at Newcastle University. Her poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies.

‘These haunting, resonant poems go about their business stealthily—dismantling the myth of Home as a reliable refuge, a sustaining source of nourishment and security.Rather, the concept is shown as a space, physical and imaginative, to be feared, full of ghosts and liable to shift or disappear at any moment. The question left hanging in the title skilfully communicates this sense of dislocation, threat and absence. As we enter these perfectly evoked houses, one by one, they enter us and become lodged amongst all the homes we have known since childhood, their traces left in our hearts. Cynthia Fuller has built curious atmospheres, furnished with memory and story, occupied by vivid, undomesticated characters: we read aghast, relieved we didn’t live there…’
—Linda France