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Heathcliff Adrift by Benjamin Myers


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1780. West Yorkshire. Cast out from the Earnshaw household where he has lived for nearly a decade, Heathcliff is left to fend for himself. Betrayed by his first love Catherine and now heartbroken and alone again, he takes to the upper moorlands of the Pennines and embarks upon a journey of survival...

Heathcliff Adrift is a series of narrative poems that explore the imagined wanderings of this most enduring anti-hero of literature. The landscape is further brought to life in stunning photographs of the West Riding moorlands by Nick Small.

Originally published in 2014, the collection met with critical acclaim - but was almost lost after a series of violent floods destroyed nearly every single copy. Now Heathcliff Adrift returns in a new edition, featuring previously unseen works to coincide with the 200th birthday of Emily Bronte.

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