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To help you through the current crisis we've launched a special ISOLATION PROMOTION, so if you join the Poetry Book Society as a new Choice Member today, you'll immediately receive a FREE poetry parcel!

Your bonus bundle will contain the PBS Spring Choice, a dazzling debut collection RENDANG by Will Harris, and our beautiful Spring Bulletin magazine - full of poems, reviews and interviews to keep you entertained in self-isolation.

You'll also get your whole year of quarterly poetry parcels delivered straight to your door, as well as 25% off all books at www.poetrybooks.co.uk, so that's FIVE PBS poetry parcels for the price of FOUR!

As a member of the Poetry Book Society, you join a community dedicated to the world of poetry. All of our members receive the PBS Bulletin, and a selection of poetry books each quarter based on the membership package you choose. Membership is the perfect way to discover new poetry or to expand your collection, whether you are a new or an experienced reader of poetry.

As a PBS Choice Member you'll receive our prestigious PBS Choice book every quarter, which we consider to be the most impressive work from our list of seasonal recommendations, as well as our Bulletin magazine. In your Welcome Parcel you will receive a £10 book voucher and a complimentary copy of the PBS Bulletin

All members also receive 25% off book purchases through our store. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for a wealth of special offers and poetry news each week. Thanks for your support at this difficult time #keepcalmandreadpoems

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