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Dinosaur Poetry Card for Children


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Featured Poem: Celia Gentles, 'Terrible Lizards: One to Ten'


A poem for all occasions and for dinosaur-fanatics of all ages, this popular card was originally intended for children – until we discovered that our twenty-something and middle-aged friends wanted it too! Cheshire poet Celia Gentles gets the mixture of awe, entertainment and fear that dinosaurs inspire, just right.

The illustrations, including lush, slightly swampy forest setting and a trail of dinosaur footprints, are by Nottingham artist Amy Blackwell. She describes herself as “…a painter, printmaker, knitter, maker, writer, reader and I’m very fond of pancakes…I'm inspired by the weird and wonderful, clashing colours, the natural world, history, fashion and folklore. I paint, print and draw and have done (to varying levels of success) since day one.”

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