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Advanced School UK Membership (Charter Education) includes teaching tipsposters and 20 books.

Advanced School membership is ideal for schools, libraries, colleges and academic institutions which want to bring the best contemporary poetry to their students or readers, and is the best way to build up a library of the very best contemporary poetry. 

Advanced School members receive the four PBS Choices and sixteen PBS Recommendations sent to you free, as well as teaching tips each quarter. That's five books each quarter, with your Bulletin!

20 Books, 4 PBS Bulletin magazines, teaching notes and posters a year

* The definitive education membership for secondary schools, teachers or sixth form colleges
* Keep your department or library stocked with all the latest poetry books
* Every quarter you’ll receive FIVE books: PBS Choice & 4 PBS Recommendations
* That’s 20 books a year to inspire your students with a love of poetry!
* Plus the PBS Bulletin poetry magazine, full of poems and interviews 
* Expert teaching tips and poem posters to help you deliver the perfect poetry lesson
* 25% off additional poetry book class or library orders

In addition to this all new members receive a welcome pack containing a FREE £10 book voucher for use on any books on our website.

*NB you can only use one discount code per transaction


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