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Looking for the perfect gift for a poetry lover? Look no further!

When you buy a PBS gift membership, we'll post you a gift package, including a gift voucher and a free poetry book, to pass on to the person you're buying the gift for. The voucher will contain all the instructions they then need to redeem this membership.

If the recipient is not in the UK, or there are any other special circumstances, please contact us before placing your order at pbs@inpressbooks.co.uk.

Simply select one of the membership options above and we'll post the gift voucher to you so that you can pass it on personally.

Associate members are delivered our quarterly bulletin with poetry reviews, written pieces by poets, and listings of newly published books.

Full members gain the quarterly bulletin and our choice book of the quarter - four poetry books per year!

Students can get the full membership at a discounted price. Please note that we will require an image of the recipient's student ID to be sent to us at pbs@inpressbooks.co.uk, either by you or the recipient.

Education members gain the full membership along with teaching notes and posters suitable for secondary-school classrooms.

Translation members receive our recommended translation books instead of the choice book for each quarter - poetry from all over the world!

Charter members gain the choice book and all four recommended books each quarter along with the bulletin - twenty books per year!

Charter Education member receive the charter membership plus expert education posters and notes.

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