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Hotel Bravo by Alexandra Payne


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These poems present a simmering portrait of what happens when the omnipotence and optimism of youth meet the reality of a declining world, where politics are disillusioning, love unfulfilling and parents sick. Payne explores depression and cancer with wit and vulnerability, but also relishes the salve of an evening in with flatmates, a barmaid pulling a pint, and a note on a bathroom door. Fascinated with Old Hollywood icons, distilled moments in time, and cats, this collection is looking for an answer.

Hotel Bravo is a dark, funny, twisted and highly intelligent message from the UK’s abandoned generation: young people full of hope, rage and politics: love, words and pizza. Alexandra Payne is a poet with a future.– A. L. KENNEDY

Hotel Bravo is a beautifully-worked debut from Alexandra Payne. She pares her poems to the bone; her sonnets are gifts of the form; and her visions are devastating. She looks to become one of our finest younger poets.– DAVID MORLEY

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