Ted Hughes Award - PBS member nominations now open

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Poetry Book Society members are invited, along with Poetry Society members, to recommend a poet for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. The award is given to a poet who, in the judges' opinion, has made the most exciting contribution to poetry in 2010.

The award is unique because of the scope of work it considers: not just poetry published in pamphlets, in collections and as individual poems, but also radio poems, verse translations, verse dramas, verse novels, libretti, film poems, poetry in public art - and more.

If there is a poet whose work you would like to bring to the judges' attention, you can download a recommendation form online and submit it by email. This year's judges are Gillian Clarke, Stephen Raw and Jeanette Winterson. To find out more about the award and to make a recommendation form visit the Poetry Society website.


Source: Poetry Society

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