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Posted: 16 June 2011

Poet in the City is delighted to present a series of poetry events in collaboration with The Mayor's Office for Shubbak: A Festival of Contemporary Arab Culture. Held in partnership with Hay Festival and Beirut 39 in the Chamber at City Hall, the series will explore different Arab cultures and take audiences to the heart of the Arab Spring. The important socio-political ideas sweeping across the Arabic landscape will be depicted through some of the best poetic voices from the contemporary Arab world.

All events take place from 6.30pm in the Chamber at City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA. The event itself starts promptly at 7.00pm.

The Maghreb: History and Pan-Arabism

6.30pm Wed 6th July 2011

This event will explore poetic depictions of the historical roots of Pan-Arabism and the shared cultural conversation from the Himalayas to Gibraltar. Featuring Abderrahim Elkhassar, an acclaimed Moroccan poet and cultural correspondent for many Arab newspapers.

Egypt: Poetry from the Public Square

6.30pm Tues 12th July 2011

This event will highlight the presence of poetry in Egypt's recent revolution, on its banners and in its public spaces, and will consider how poetry is serving as a mediator of change and public debate in the Arab Spring. Featuring Ahmad Yamani, a celebrated Egyptian poet and translator, and the critically acclaimed Tamim al-Barghouti, a poet and political scientist who for many, is the epitome of the Tahrir Square moment.

Palestine/Lebanon/Syria: Poetry and Political Protest

6.30pm Wed 13th July 2011

This event will examine the role of poetry in political protest, focusing on the way in which poetry is used to resist political regimes and communicate alternatives. Featuring the highly praised Palestinian poet, Najwan Darwish, the important cultural commentator, author and doctor, Ghada Karmi and poet and human rights practitioner, Fathieh Saudi.

The Gulf: Oral Traditions in Poetry

6.30pm Wed 20th July 2011

This event will describe the oral traditions in poetry in the Gulf Arab region, and uncover the way in which Nomadic culture is communicated in stories and poems, considering the relationship between the artist and his material and the role of memory and repetition. Featuring Basim al-Ansar, a well-known Iraqi-born poet, author and playwright.

booking places at the event

If you would like to see one or more of the events in the Poetry from the Arab Spring series please RSVP to Poet in the City:

Email info@poetinthecity.co.uk

Text or message 07908 367 488

All these events are FREE, but booking is essential!

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