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Free PBS Student Membership

The PBS has launched a free student membership, which is open to all UK higher education students, who can enrol by emailing or sending their proof of student identity to us.

Students can join online and contact will be via email. Once they have enrolled and logged in, student members will be able to view the online version of the Bulletin, our quarterly review of the best new poetry, in the restricted members' area. They can also order books and receive their 25% members' discount.

The 2015 PBS National Student Poetry Competition is now accepting entries! Judged this year by rising star and multiple prize nominee Andrew McMillan, the competition is open to all UK students in Undergraduate or Masters level education.

You can read all 20 of the best poems entered for last year's competition, along with judge, Jane Yeh's, introduction and comments in the free anthology e-book:

'I am part of that generation...': Poems from the 2014 PBS National Student Poetry Competition

The PBS is planning to build on this by developing reading lists and discussion threads in the student pages of the members' area. We hope to fulfil our mission 'to propagate the art of poetry' by introducing students to the best contemporary poetry and by developing lifelong poetry readers - and members of the PBS!

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As part of their FREE membership, all PBS student members will receive:

Access to the student pages on our website, where you will find: The Bulletin, our quarterly 32 page magazine and review of the best new poetry, available on the site as a pdf. 25% off almost every poetry book published in the UK.

A monthly email with new offers, updates and news from the PBS.